• Portuguese saddle


Ceremonial Portuguese saddle in velour pigskin and azulejo-blue Cordovan leather with antique silver patina; jewelled stirrups in Cuban mahogany with hand-polished and -chased sterling silver. As decoration around the flaps: the branding irons of great Portuguese owners and bull ranchers on one side; those of horse breeders on the other; decorative brioche-style, silver studs. Nine ateliers participated in making this 20-cm long (7.8 in.) miniature, requiring at least 350 hours of work for its concept.

These saddles were created by Guy Chanel to promote his expertise at prestigious exhibitions in Chicago, Paris, Geneva and Moscow. Research models in style, they also serve to create his future models. Others are art works, unique pieces, including this miniature, which is a Portuguese saddle made in 2001 for an exposition in Switzerland.

These saddles are made with the finest materials, such as alligator, ostrich and skate-fish skin. They are one of a kind and demonstrate that Guy Chanel is expert at rendering his own version of the great classic saddles while retaining their original functional features.This saddler never says no to making art a part of craftsmanship.







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