• Prestigious dressage saddle


Dressage saddle without skirts in smooth cowhide, slate ostrich skin and skate-fish skin; martingale nails and fall-down staples in hand-polished, silver-plated brass.

The Dressage saddle features a deep, wide seat, a narrow fork and a generous withers opening. The stirrup bars are extended to allow for a comfortable hang of the legs, which are channelled by large knee rolls mounted on the sweat flaps; the pelvis is thus and securely positioned and stable.

These saddles were created by Guy Chanel to promote his expertise at prestigious exhibitions in Chicago, Paris, Geneva and Moscow. Research models in style, they also serve to create his future models. Others are art works, unique pieces, including this miniature, which is a Portuguese saddle made in 2001 for an exposition in Switzerland.

These saddles are made with the finest materials, such as alligator, ostrich and skate-fish skin. They are one of a kind and demonstrate that Guy Chanel is expert at rendering his own version of the great classic saddles while retaining their original functional features.This saddler never says no to making art a part of craftsmanship.






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