• Polynesian pearls jewels Guy Chanel and Cathy Specht

The Mimetic belt collection and a jewellery collection in leather, metal and Polynesian pearls.

Jewellery and belt collaboration

The jewellery designer Cathy Specht and Guy Chanel share the same professional values.
In 2004, they began to collaborate on the design and creation of two unique collections:
- The Mimetic belt collection
- A jewellery collection in leather, metal and Polynesian pearls

In designing the two collections with Guy Chanel, Cathy Specht contributed her talent as a sculptor and her experience in the creation of original fashion accessories.

For more details of her creations, you can log onto her site (in French and English): www.cathy-specht.com. Or e-mail her directly: cathy.specht@free.fr

Both collections inspired by the collaboration of Guy Chanel and Cathy Specht feature jewellery that is easy to wear and made with the finest quality leather






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